Animal Communication: Fantasy or Reality?

Animal Communication: Fantasy or Reality?
November 24, 2018 by

Although the number of professional animal communicators and animal communication programs has increased in recent years, especially in metros, a general air of all the ‘telepathic talk’ being nothing but the fanciful imagining of a loving pet parent’s mind remains. It is all very well to be skeptical of something until one is utterly sure of it, but it must not hinge on preconceived notions. Allow your experiences with your pet to teach you and you might discover that knowingly or unknowingly, you have already indulged in enough telepathic conversations with your pet to consider pet communication a fantasy.

Think, for example, about all those times when you were sad, unhappy or unwell. Has not your pet read your emotions every time and come to you to give you company? Have not you seen your baby’s eyes sadder and face fall every time you decided to leave him/her at home? And then when you told them you wouldn’t be gone long, did you not notice a certain relief in their cute, furry features? Of course, you did! You know for sure that while they might not speak a ‘human’ language, they do speak. And it’s not just barks and yelps, meows and neighs. A lot of this communication is soundless, from one mind to another – from your pet’s mind to yours and vice versa. And here, do not confuse the word ‘mind’ with ‘brain’. The mind is a far more complex creature than the brain. The mind is an amalgamation of sorts of reason and emotion. Your pet uses both. Also, this is not just about the animal’s body language. It’s much more than that. It is silent words and images and emotions.

Alright, you believe that your pet talks to you. Fair enough. But professional animal communicators? People, who have ‘actual conversations’ with animals they have only just met? Could they be the real deal or are they as fake as the endless list of spiritual gurus that inhabit this planet? This question could be a little more tedious to answer. While it is certainly true that it is possible for people to mentally talk to animals, it is also true that whether or not you have found a genuine practitioner is a question worth pondering over. There is only one way to tell – experience it. Allow yourself and your pet to experience a session. A real communicator should be able to empathize with your pet and tell you how best to resolve a situation you might find yourself stuck in. Real changes will show. Remember, that the success of a session also depends on your pet’s willingness to communicate. Although with patience and assurance, pets do come around. Have faith and patience with the communicator as well.However, if it does not happen, you have probably and unluckily stumbled into the lair of a profit seeker and you must not expect anything beyond entertainment. But the most important thing in the end is to not lose heart. Also, in a medical dilemma of whether to pick a vet or your communicator, it is always advisable to rush to the vet first for immediate assistance.

Remember, your pet loves you just as much as you love him/her and then some more. Just be open to possibilities. You will see your own intuition deepen and that day an actual mental exchange of words and images between you and your own pet might change your take on ‘reality’ forever. Animal communication or whispering will no longer be a fantasy.


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