Casper: The boy who changed many lives (Part 2/2)

Casper: The boy who changed many lives (Part 2/2)
March 12, 2019 by

“The night before Casper was to leave for the farmhouse, I kept him with me to be able to spend some time with him. By now, the rapport between him and my parrot, Raju, was cordial. But the thought of separating from him the next morning was too much for me. I had to make a decision. I was getting married in the next 2 months and my husband (who was my fiancé then), wasn’t really an animal person. So I had to be practical and check with him too. He cared about me so he said yes to keeping Casper. The next morning when the doorbell rang, I answered and informed the family that Casper would stay with me.

You should see the bond between my husband and Casper now! One wouldn’t believe that he wasn’t an animal person at any point in life. Casper goes to his office during the daytime and goes from desk to desk, taking his share of love from all the people there. He is pampered a lot and he just loves sitting near the windows in there. He’s even bought himself space in my mother-in-law’s heart and he is spoilt by her as well! We take him to our guest house on the outskirts of the city sometimes. He loves running amok and getting dirty amongst nature and water there. 

Casper attending a meeting in his dad’s office.

Because he has been raised by kids in his younger days, Casper loves kids! When I take him out for a walk, he goes to the gate of a building nearby, where kids usually play cricket, and he calls out to them. The kids come running to meet him, yelling out his name. It is an endearing sight. You know, he was the reason that all the kids from the earlier society, got a pet of their own after we shifted out from there! They all still ask about him whenever I visit.

He is not trained, but he is such a well-behaved dog and does not make the guests uncomfortable. He, in fact, gets them to give him belly rubs & cuddle with him. I used to call Casper my friend initially. But he is actually our beloved child. He is extremely affectionate and perceptive.

Raju passed away 4 years ago due to old age, but Casper fills all the gaps in our house and life.”


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