Exhibit A & B

Exhibit A & B
March 07, 2019 by

“I have always been a cat person. There are pictures from my childhood where you can see me playing with cats. My mother used to tell me that her family had cattle at home and they were all treated as pets; the cow knew when someone at home wasn’t keeping well as they are very sensitive to such vibes. My father has asthma which is why we couldn’t keep cats at home back then. In my wife, Tamanna’s case, her mother had a pet dog who died due to old age and the pain of losing him was just too much for her. Hence she didn’t want anyone else in the family to go through that experience so they didn’t have pets at their place.

Our friend, Avantika, had 3 rescue cats of her own that she had adopted and we used to visit her often. My wife spent a week at her place when the youngest of the 3 cats was still a kitten and since he used to cuddle with her and lick her nose, she grew fond of them and got comfortable around cats during that time.

Once we got married and had our own place, Avantika convinced us to give fostering a shot. We were told of these 2 siblings, who were approximately a month old and needed an urgent foster. I went to Bandra, picked them up in a basket and got them home on 9th March 2014. I didn’t tell my wife about it and she just came home to the surprise! We named them both Exhibit A and Exhibit B. A was more social amongst both of them. B liked to play hide and seek and wasn’t really social with guests.

Left to right: B & A, enjoying a cuddle session.

A few months after they came home to us, we had gone traveling. During that time, B somehow escaped through one of the windows of the house. And because she was an indoor cat and didn’t know her way around, she ended up being chased and killed by a stray dog in the area. The watchman who saw this happen told us about it when we returned. But we wanted to go confirm whether or not it was B. We found her body in a nearby marsh, cold and stiff. I shudder to think what she must have gone through. We gave her a proper burial. I, personally, had never lost anyone in my family, near or far, before that incident. That’s another reason why this was a huge and unimaginable loss for us and a big learning experience.

A learned to be on her own ever since B left. But the 3 of us miss B.

A turned 5 years old on the 9th of November, 2018. She makes us believe in the saying “Dogs have masters, cats have servants!” But I’d still say A is a non-fussy and a pretty accommodating child. She’s also useless! We had a medium-sized rat in the house one day. We thought A would handle the situation by scaring the rat away. but instead, madam started playing with the rat. Ultimately, I had to trick the rat out of the house. On the weekends though, she likes to play the devil by waking us up early in the morning, for no good reason! When we do give in to her demands and get up, she goes to her corner and sleeps! She loves staring out of the windows and mostly sits by one in the house.

She is entertaining and floofy (a word I created since she’s soft and fluffy like a pillow) and our life wouldn’t be the same, or imaginable without A anymore.”


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