Indian Pariah: The underrated breed

Indian Pariah: The underrated breed
March 08, 2019 by

The news about Kolkata police team’s Indian Mongrel, Asha, who outperformed her peers in the sniffer squad is currently trending. She was a rescue who was meant to be a pet, but looking at her potential, the Indian armed force decided to train her. And did she come out with flying colours! (Source:

While we are very happy for Asha being recognized for her talents, we are not the least bit surprised that this happened. In fact, there are many more Asha’s whose stories don’t make it to the limelight. Let us tell you a little bit about their kind.

The Indie dog is a breed that exists completely due to natural selection. Its history goes back over 15,000 years and it is believed to be one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Rudyard Kipling, the famous writer of The Jungle Book, mentioned this dog in his work as ‘The Yellow Pariah Dog’. This breed was also featured on the National Geographic Channel’s film ‘Search for the First Dog’. Since these dogs have not undergone any selective breeding, all their characteristics have been selected solely by nature. This makes them extremely alert, very social and highly intelligent.

They are modest eaters and are never known to overeat. They are active dogs and generally of robust health with a life expectancy of over 15 years. Since they are a naturally evolved race, they require very little grooming. They suffer from no body odor or genetic health ailments. In fact, they are one of the fittest breeds alive today. They are sensitive and loving, protective and loyal.

If you ask the welfare workers or good samaritans who feed them, and they will tell you about their many more enviable qualities. Not only are they one of the most well-behaved dogs they are also accommodating and act as a self-appointed watchman for the area they live in, be it a street or someone’s house. Some of them even accompany you to close by places just to ensure your safety. These are qualities that make for the choosing of labradors and other breeds in the police squad. That should tell us something about this breed that is so underestimated in our country.

They have the genes to thrive best in the Indian region. They have been companions to the earliest human settlers as well as to kings and princes. Which begs the question: Why is the number of people who break the fad for international breeds and adopt a winsome Indian dog, not ample yet?

We hope Asha’s story helps in dispelling any stigma or myths attached to the Indian Pariah dog and helps you fall in love with them and encourage you to adopt more of their kind. We can guarantee, you will not be disappointed.



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