Mano, the NRI! – Part 2

Mano, the NRI! - Part 2
May 07, 2019 by

“Mano in Punjabi means cat. Hence we started calling her Mano! When it was time for me to shift back to India, there was a ton of work ahead of me to shift Mano as well. I had to get a kind of a pet passport made, along with a medical certificate that confirmed that she was vaccinated and healthy to travel. That was a funny experience. For some reason, the initial license that the authorities ended up giving me was a beer vending license in the name of Mano! Of course, we finally did manage to get the correct documents for her travel.

The travel route that was decided was Beira-Johannesburg-Dubai (where she would spend a day in the pet creche)-Delhi. I bought her pet diapers and she was set to travel a day before me. I missed her at home once she was sent for traveling in the flight. When we reached Johannesburg, we realised that traveling via Dubai would require me to acquire a transit Visa for Mano. And if I didn’t get it in time, it would need her to get quarantined in Dubai. So it was a change of plans on the spot and I routed our return via Malaysia instead of Dubai. Once the flight landed in Delhi, I was praying that all be fine until I could pick her up.

She was waiting in the Terminal Manager’s room, perched upon his desk, waiting for me. She spotted me through the window and started mewing away! Madame snuggled with me all the way back home in the taxi. We were finally home again.

Mano’s got the travel bug like me. She has traveled all of Mozambique & some parts of Zimbabwe, Malawi, South Africa and she’s always been imported into these different countries. I have also smuggled her into hotels where pets weren’t allowed! Here in North-India, she travels uphill with us in the car in her basket. She has her own leash and she allows us to lead her carefully. She also travels to other parts of India with us since we don’t like leaving her behind.

Mano is adventurous by nature and hates closed doors. She even tries to open the door knobs or extends her paws under the door to try to pull it open. She wouldn’t be a cat if she didn’t try to play with things which aren’t meant to be played with. She’s 11 years old now, but you can’t tell when you look at her. She’s a pro at hiding her age!

Life without her would be impossible. She’s the uncontested queen of the house. I sometimes think that my mother loves her more than she loves me.”


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