Need to Bathe Your Pet? Here Are Some Handy Tips!

September 06, 2018 by

It’s a rare pet that truly enjoys bath time. Most of them would rather hide under the bed than face a hygiene routine. Pet parents usually have a tough time controlling their beloved animals in a bath. However, there are numerous ways in which bath time can be made enjoyable.


1. Know Your Pet Breed Better: The frequency with which a pet requires a bath differs from breed to breed. While breeds with very oily coats such as Labradors and Basset Hounds might need to bathe as frequently as once a week, shorthaired breeds such as Beagles do just fine with a bath once every once in fifteen days. The same applies to cats. If your cat’s coat is very oily, it needs a bath more regularly than if it has a relatively dry coat.

2. Firm Footing: Bathtubs are slippery places to be in especially for your pet. They like to have a firm footing particularly when they are in panic inducing situations such as a wet bath. One way to provide this assurance to your pet is placing anti-skid rubber mats in the tub, sink or bucket you will bathe them in. Once your pet feels surer of the ground it’s on, it will panic less, making the bathing process easier.

3. Pre-Bath Rituals: Before you put your pet in the bath, trim their nails to avoid damage. Also, brush their coat thoroughly. Good brushing eases out any tangles that may be present in the fur. It is more difficult to remove knotted hair once the animal is wet. Brushing can also calm the pet down before a bath.

4. Using The Right Shampoo and Lukewarm Water: Lukewarm water works best to soothe pets. Ensure that the water is neither too hot nor too cold before you take your pet for a dip. Once you know the type of breed you have, use a shampoo accordingly. Work up a lather and massage carefully from the neck down. Then rinse thoroughly so that no soap is left in the fur else this will irritate the pet’s skin.

5. Air Dry or Soft Blow Dry: Drying your pet at the right temperature is imperative. Make sure the air is not too hot or the pet’s coat will dry out too much causing irritation, flakiness and even dandruff.

6. Rewards: Your pet has taken a bath against its wish. It has behaved well and completed a task it is not so happy to indulge in. Rewards are therefore a must. Give your pet its favourite treats or toy to chew on. Cuddle with & pet him/her; just be reassuringly warm to it. Next bath day will be easier.


1. No Human Shampoos, Please: People shampoos are much harsher than pet shampoos. Pets need some oil to be preserved in their coats for them to remain healthy. Also, certain chemicals used in human shampoos, may not be suitable for pets. Therefore, even if you are in a pinch, make sure you never use a human shampoo on your pet. If you do, the pet’s coat will dry out too much and cause irritation.

2. No Shouting, No Wrestling: Sometimes pet parents can unwittingly become aggressive during a bath, trying to control and manage the pet. Remember that this will only lead to further panic and chaos. What your baby needs is your calm, reassuring voice to tell it that everything is just fine and that nothing bad is going to happen to it. It will learn to respond to this warmth during bath time.

3. No Shampoo on the Face: While shampooing the pet, the froth must not come close to their eyes, nose, mouth or ears. Froth on the face can scare them even more. To clean their face, use a washcloth or a pet wipe.

4. No Human Blow Dryers: The blow dryers we use are far more hot and harsh than a pet can handle. To dry the pet’s coat, you must either use a blow dryer designed especially for animals, or else air-dry them preferably in a sunny spot.

5. Do Not Overfill The Tub Or Bucket: The amount of water and size of the tub or bucket you use must be in proportion to the size of your pet. While a little kitty can easily be bathed in a sink or a small bucket, a large dog will need a bathtub. If there is too much water sloshing around your pet, it will make it nervous.

Finally, keep in mind that a bath is a necessary evil for the health of your pet. It is something you cannot do away with. It keeps the coat and skin clean and free of parasites. But it does not have to be a battle. With these steps we have listed above, we hope bath time will become super fun for both the pet and the pet parent.


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