Our Furry Tale

Furry Tales is not just a venture – it is a dream, a calling; the inspiration for which took wings when Mau, Founder Pradeepa Rao’s first baby kitten clung to her bosom and looked up at her with all the world’s love and trust in his eyes. He believed she would take care of him, as every pet believes his or her pet parent will. The path had chosen Pradeepa. And along came the rest of the feline members of the family, Neo, May, Ginger, Tuxedo and the canine members, Johnny, Lyka, Adele, Theo and Snowy. Pradeepa was soon joined by her family and friends to give shape to her dream.

At Furry Tales, we endeavour to bring forth emotional and educative information to lay a path towards holistic pet parenting, for the animals you have at home and the ones you visit often on the streets, in terms of the best in nutrition, health care, fostering, adoption, positive reinforcement, exercise and of course social time.

We hope that the heartwarming journeys of pet parents whose stories we capture and bring to you, will evoke and inspire an empathetic response towards animals and their welfare. We are also in the process of creating products that we are passionate about, keeping in mind, the everyday realities of being a pet parent. Just like humans, every animal has a unique personality and that’s what makes every furry kid different than the other. We hope to bring out nuggets of your pets’ personalities and tell a relatable tale via our products.

We also aim to encourage adoption and be the “voice for the voiceless”. Our ultimate goal is to ease the lives of pets and pet parents alike and to involve as many animal lovers as possible in our ever-growing pet community.

Message from the Founder

If we all do our bit to choose and act more wisely, the animals will also live a better life, in our doing so. I strongly believe that every life deserves to be treated with kindness and dignity. Together, we can make a difference and create a better, safer world for our furry kids, as I have not known of a better best friend who also makes for a lovely, lifelong companion.
-Pradeepa Rao

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