Lady Diana

September 06, 2018 by

“Diana is our second pet. We had Odi before her, who was a beautiful black Labrador and he passed away at the age of 7 due to a heart condition. He was a monk in disguise of a dog. Our house felt very empty after he left. Just a little more than a month after Odi’s passing,  during one of my travels, a fellow traveller told me about an NGO, Pet Owners and Animal Lovers (PAL), located in Thane. I happened to get in touch with Aditi, who runs PAL and I told her that we don’t care about the breed, but that we’d like to care for an abandoned or old dog because these are the ones who don’t know how to fend for themselves. Aditi told us about 2 dogs in her shelter, Luna and Diana. Luna was a great Dane who had been used for breeding and abandoned on the highway because she was bow-legged. I met her and wanted to take her home when Aditi suggested I meet Diana too, who had been up for adoption since March and it was already October when I met her.
Diana was found at a tea stall in Mira Road. She had been there for 24 hours, without eating a single morsel, which indicated that she was abandoned there on purpose. And no one was keen on adopting her since she was 2 years old and not a pure breed (she’s half Labrador and half Indie). Due to no adoption calls, she was shifted to a foster’s place in Panvel, which is where I went to meet her. Diana greeted me by embracing me with all her fours, which was a beautiful moment. And after a final round of discussion with PAL, I got Diana home as they needed a bigger house for Luna. That’s the story of how we became hers two years ago.
She mostly slept for the first three days and didn’t even blink when we gave her the bitter papaya leaf juice as treatment for her maggot infected paw. I thought, “Wow, she really must be starving”. She felt better on the fourth day and that’s when she let her true personality out! She’s very loving, restless, loves getting dirty in the mud, hates a bath, but as per her previous fosters, loves to swim! We are yet to try that with her. She’s a big glutton and is ready to eat whenever and whatever you feed her. She’s naughty – she steals food from your plate if you’re not looking. She once finished a whole box of Shrewsbury biscuits when no one was around and another time she ate a whole lot of mouth freshener pills! Would you believe that she also ate a chilly fry once! She also likes to chew. In her initial months at home, she chewed on remotes, mobile phones and even our 3D glasses. Now she prefers chewing on pillows and paper mostly. She’s much calmer now that she’s been with us for a while.

Her favourite place at home is the window where she spends most of the day enjoying the breeze and outside views. I think all of us at home spoil her equally, but my parents are the ones who spoil her the most with regards to food. They feed her out of their plate and she sleeps with them at night.

We have absolutely no regrets about having her. And life for all of us, is unimaginable without her craziness in it and we love her to death!”


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