The boy who transformed me!

The boy who transformed me!
December 17, 2018 by

“I wasn’t much of an animal lover before Johnny came into my life, really. I was that person who used to carry a stick with me during morning walks to scare the pack of dogs in my area. Although I always used to admire hound dogs more because of their built and high sense of intelligence. I also imagined myself in a hill station, living with a dog, post-retirement. But I was very clear that it is a responsibility that cannot be taken lightly, and my work life didn’t allow me the luxury of time. Which is why I waited until I had the required support system, to get a pet home.

In my family, it started with my younger daughter adopting 2 cats off the street. Then my elder daughter and her husband adopted a 2-month-old pup from the Blue Cross in Hyderabad. And then a family friend’s Labrador had given birth to 5 pups, which they wanted to give to good families instead of selling them to a breeder. My wife fell in love with one of them and he too came home at the age of 2 months. At this point, in my mind I thought, this family has enough animals! My work used to keep me away from my family, so evenings at home were a little lonely. Soon after, I got gifted an aquarium. And I was happy to look at the fishes and feed them.

But maybe, life had other plans for me. Which is how, someone in my social circle had a Rottweiler who had pups and again, they were looking for good families to adopt them. They were sharing the pictures of the pups with us on Whatsapp, asking us to help spread the word. That is when I saw Johnny, and decided, he would come home to me. He arrived at about 2 months old. And did he steal my heart! He used to run all around the front porch and pick up any piece of clothing that he could get his teeth on and rip into tiny little pieces. When he felt hot, he would spill the water out of his bowl and sleep in that puddle!

I ensured that he was taught right from the beginning, to be social. I didn’t want people associating him with the horror stories that we hear of, about Rottweilers. Hence, he is looked after and cared for by at least 3-4 people who work under me. And he enjoys all that attention! His day starts early, at about 5 AM. He goes for his first walk with the watchman. He then patiently waits for me to take him for the second round at around 6:30 AM. Once we are back from the walk, he takes me to the garden to play a round of ‘catch-me-if-you-can’. He expects me to whistle and say hi when I come home for a quick lunch. Evenings are a round of walk and game again.

His trainer used to ask me to not be around when the training was in session because he used to lose focus when he saw me and became naughty, trying to end his training early. My daughters tease me about this bit because I’ve been a disciplinarian all my life, but somehow, I manage making this boy notorious, just by my mere presence!

He is 2 years old now and he still loves his bone and hides a part of it in the garden, trampling almost all the home-grown vegetables in the process. You can see that he takes after me by simple routines such as retiring to bed early. Johnny loves his dog house and snoozes there every few hours in the day. I remember when he tried bullying the next door golden retriever once, but she was senior to him and ended up sitting on him to show him who the boss was..that was a funny scene! Also, he has never once barked at the older Rottweiler in the opposite house, and I think that’s because he understands the hierarchy.

When my daughters visit, he has constant company so I have to spend extra time with him once they leave, to stop him from looking for them daily. He has taught me to be more patient and tolerant. and has opened up a new world I didn’t know I was missing out on.  My current home feels much more cozy, knowing that I will always have him to come back home to, no matter what the time. ”


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