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September 06, 2018 by

“I’ve always loved dogs and wanted to have a pet since my childhood. I even managed having one as a kid, but not for too long.  That created a fear in me. The last thing I want happening is to lose my dear ones. Losing my first pet haunts me till date. Hence I didn’t adopt post that incident. But I always adored other dogs and never missed an opportunity to pet one I came across. We got an opportunity to shift base, we were into sales and business development profile, so when an opportunity came our way we had to grab it and didn’t think twice!

We packed our bags and went to the USA all excited as it had been our dream since childhood. After we shifted there we faced la lot of road blocks which is typical for any newcomers in a foreign land. We felt lonely, far away from friends and relatives and didn’t have our own social circle yet. So we badly needed a reason to go back home or await a weekend.  When things got too boring and mundane, we would just peep out of the window to find pets in almost all the houses here. There, adopt and align a pet to their family to the extent that they share their family name with the dogs. Perfect, right ? That’s when a thought popped in our head – why not adopt now?

Jey bumped on to an adoption website one day and followed it for months instead of buying from breeders as we don’t encourage the act. While still unsure, I made up my mind to deal with things as they come and supported him. Then we bumped into Sunday (now called Sundari) on the pet adoption website. She was 3 months old already and hadn’t been adopted yet.

He had applied for a abandoned Boston Terrier who was 4 months old but he was  taken by some local couple there. So it seems like he didn’t choose Sundari, she chose him!  Sundari was the 7th of her siblings (that’s why they named her Sunday, as per days of the week) and all her siblings were adopted. Jey was lucky that he bumped into her picture and instantly connected. He asked me and other friends for an opinion and we all encouraged him. Sundari came to New Jersey on a  Saturday, from Alabama (where she hails from) along with other pets in a truck which was well conditioned for their travel. She was taken care of by her foster parents from a shelter home where she and her siblings were abandoned after birth. She has probably never seen her mother.  Her foster mom accompanied her throughout the journey. After that, it’s been us and her, and the journey so far has been nothing less than magical.

I gave her a new name Sundari to relate to our roots. She embraced our house, food, culture, language, people and friends so effectively, that I doubt if a human would have adapted to all of it as easily.  She is our goddess. She has taught us so much! The most important thing being – to be giving. She herself gives us a lot of herself, while asking for very little in return. Every day a new memory is born. However, the time she spends with both our mothers is the most memorable. It’s been more than 2 years and they still can’t get over her love.

We faced a few hurdles initially in understanding her personality and vice versa. She’s basically too shy with humans and other dogs too, may be because of her past experiences.  She took a lot of time to overcome that part. We introduced her to new people, family members, dogs (with a local day care and dog spa) and she slowly overcame her fear and adopted us as her people. She made a best friend, a Corgi, named Murphy, but his pet parents and him shifted to California due to a change in job. She then made a new best friend, a golden doodle called Pongo who used to come to our place for pet-sitting. They both were quote the team!

She enjoys spending most of her time with us and running around in the lawn. She’s a cleanliness freak and hence doesn’t like getting dirty in the beaches. Her favourite toys are the chicken and monkey toys which she protects from everyone and keeps safe in her kennel, she has them since the time she met us.


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