The Bandra Girls: Part 1 (Pepper)

The Bandra Girls: Part 1 (Pepper)
March 29, 2019 by

Our 3 ladies (Pepper, Lizzy and Doofus) rule the house. Life without them, is unimaginable for all of us. Time, effort and money – these are 3 things we, as a family devote from our end, very willingly, for the cause of animal welfare. We truly believe that this is the path chosen for us by the Almighty. We are just mere mediums to a larger picture. It all started with Pepper, who is now 14 years old. She was a month old when I got her home. She was lying in my college compound, covered in fleas, ticks and ants. I wanted to give her a chance at life.

We gave her a medicinal bath and within a day, she was bouncing all over the house. She got her name due to the colour of her ears and looked like a bear cub in her initial months. Because Pepper was our first pet, she did not like being left home alone since my parents were working and my sister and I were students and not at home most of the day. It was difficult, but we managed somehow. Her favourite hobbies are to chew on plastic hangers, pull at clothes and slather people with her licks!

She introduced us to the world of animal welfare. A year after she came home, my parents started feeding the strays in our area. It’s been 13 years and they still go every single night to feed at least 60 strays. My younger sister is in the U.S., but whenever she comes home, she and my dad take turns to drive mom every night, to complete the feeding activity.

You could say that Pepper helped feed many tummies, without even her realising it :). Now she gives me more attention since I moved homes post marriage. Distance, even though for just a day or two, does make the heart grow fonder.”

(Image: Tamara and her Bandra Girls.)


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