The Bandra Girls: Part 2 (Lizzy)

The Bandra Girls: Part 2 (Lizzy)
March 29, 2019 by

“Two years after we had Pepper, Lizzy came home. I had noticed her near Gaiety Galaxy in Bandra, where she was hiding under a sugarcane juice vendor’s cart and was surviving, purely on the sugarcane juice. She was clearly a Labrador mix breed. She was shooed and abused often by passers-by.

I told my parents about her, but none of us really brought her home immediately. On Christmas, my parents went on a special round of feeding the strays, that’s when they met Lizzy. And within a week, she too was brought home. It took a month for her and Pepper to become friends. But since they found company in each other, they wouldn’t mind staying alone for a few hours. They both like to sleep next to each other, in their baskets.

Lizzy is now 12.5 years old and an extremely gentle, quiet and wag-happy baby. Even though she’s the middle child, she’s the alpha in the hierarchy and she keeps our youngest, Doofus, in check. She’s my sister’s favourite and when she is down from the States, they enjoy each other’s company thoroughly. ”

(Image: Tamara and her Bandra Girls)


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