The New Age Problem: Obesity in pets

The New Age Problem: Obesity in pets
March 06, 2019 by

it would be safe to say that the weighing scale is an invention that brings anxiety for most people. Little did we know that it will also give us anxiety with regards to our pets. A lot of it stems from the errors in our judgment due to our bad lifestyle choices that we apply to our pets as well. We forget that pets, like people, can have major problems due to how well and how much they are fed.

Pets can have as many health issues relating to food that people do. Which is why we need to be cognizant of our pet’s dietary needs. After all, your pet is relying on you to do the right thing in keeping it healthy. A healthy pet means peace of mind and many years of joyous companionship. Here are a few tips to keep in mind, to help you keep your pet’s health in check:

  1. Do your research. Read up on your dog’s breed. Consult your veterinarian/canine nutritionist on what to feed your pet and also, how much to feed him/her.
  2. Old is gold is a saying that does not necessarily work in all cases. Don’t rely completely on the past history of what your parents or grandparents fed their pets. With new advances and understanding of pet health, we are now equipped with knowledge about a lot of issues, which, our elders may not have known.
  3. Be aware that certain foods are meant for certain types of pets only. For e.g. goldfish food should not be fed to tropical fish because the size and type of food are totally different.  The same rule applies to bird feed for different types of birds.
  4. Although home-made food is ideal for our pets, today there are many types of pet foods tailored to your pet’s needs. For e.g. small dogs versus large dogs, or kitten food versus food for adult cats. Most pet food companies try to incorporate the right amount of calories and nutrients as per the pet’s breed and age. You can choose from the dry and wet varieties of food available in the stores, depending on which kind keeps your pet happy and also doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.
  5. In some households, dogs are fed on table scraps and chicken bones. While it’s ok to feed your dog some bones occasionally as a treat, feeding such food on a daily basis can be detrimental to their health.  They could be getting too much rich food in their diet, or they could choke on the bone and it could cause them some real tummy issues.
  6. Just as we have our cheat days and indulge in the occasional decadent dessert, so can your pet. The important thing is to ensure that your pet receives the right food majority of the time, as per its dietary needs.

When feeding your pet, we should take a note from the Book of People.  When people are overweight they are more prone to bad health issues.  It’s the same with your pet.  In order to keep your pet healthy, be aware of its weight. Overfeeding, even with loving intentions, can cause your pet to have serious health issues. And that causes not only distress but is an unnecessary expense at the vet clinic. So, for dog’s sake, let’s avoid such mishaps! 🙂




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