Tipsy, the diva!

Tipsy, the diva!
November 05, 2019 by

Before Tipsy came into our lives, my family was fostering a female Labrador who was given up by her owners. We were in awe of her and were contemplating if adopting her was a good idea. But due to the practicalities of our schedules, we had to drop the idea. She was with us for a month before she got adopted. And we realized how empty our house felt. Thankfully, every once in a while, my Uncle’s dog would stay with us when they were in Mumbai. So, we were aware that we loved dogs.

A while later when we all started discussing bringing home a pet on a serious note, everyone in the family agreed that we would only adopt and not buy one from a breeder.  But everyone we all had specific preferences. My dad wanted a small-sized dog while my mom wanted a black one. My brother and I wanted a puppy so we could train her to stay by themselves for a few hours, from a young age. We knew the pup would be female because most people prefer male dogs as they have no pregnancy or menstrual concerns.

Many months passed by, looking for a dog that would fill our home. Until one day, a friend of mine informed me that another friend of hers has a Lhasa who was about to deliver a litter. By then I was so eager to adopt, that I was okay to adopt not one but two dogs! So, we first got Tipsy home from the litter and soon realized that owing to her personality, she needs to be an only child in the house.

We named her Tipsy because she used to walk like she was high on something! My dad built her a wooden dog house…. talk about getting pampered. She uses it to store things like her toys, pillow, leash, and harness in it. You are not allowed to touch her things without her permission. She’s very particular about it. She won’t bark or bite but she will look at you disapprovingly. It’s quite intimidating.

In fact, anything Tipsy loves, goes into her dog-house; For eg. socks! She stole one from our neighbour and stored it in her house. She loves peas and once we found a leftover one in the living room. She obviously took it to her dog-house, placed it in the center, guarded and consumed it in the evening.

At 6 years old and let’s just say that she has all the traits of a typical mother-in-law…. ha-ha! She barks at my mum if she does not go to sleep on time and she has OCD about the furniture being in its place.

She isn’t fussy about food…instead she loves it. If she wants ice cream, she will pee in the loo and come ask for her treat. She abhors pigeons, monkeys, and lizards! She starts a bark fest on spotting them.

Tipsy is actually very vocal, communicative and humanlike in her behavior. It’s safe to say she is also a perfectionist, just like Aamir Khan! Even if we leave the front door open, she never leaves the house. Her paws will always be inside the marked territory of the door.

My dad is her target audience since he always gives in to her tantrums. While my mom is her agony-aunt because every time Tipsy wants to complain about me, she goes to her and then barks at me to look at mom to get told off by her. Not just that, every time I don’t complete a task given to me by my mom, Tipsy takes it as a personal insult. That should tell you how pampered and spoilt she is!

She is also classist. I’m not kidding when I say, she will only give attention to good looking guys, wherever that may be. She will suddenly become such a pally girl if a handsome fellow is around.

Life would be pretty bland without our drama queen and the best decision we made as a family, was to bring her home.




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