Zeus: The dog who wears his heart on his head!

Zeus: The dog who wears his heart on his head!
April 27, 2020 by

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted a dog. It was a common sight to see me befriend the strays of my street and get quite attached to them. One of them even used to drop me off to my school bus stop!

My dad had pets in his childhood but because my mom was always afraid of dogs, she never did. Whenever I used to ask to adopt, she would tell me I can do that once I am married and live separately. I would then wait to grow up, to get married as soon as possible just so I can have a dog I can call my own!

My younger brother used to cry a lot and tell my folks that he wanted a dog who can be his ally and younger sibling. So, the pressure on my folks was real. About 3 years ago, I was on my way back from work when I received a call from my mother asking me to come urgently. Apparently we were getting a pup home! I rushed to the spot and found that one of the strays in a nearby location had mated with a Labrador male and had given birth to 8 pups.

My dad said we can get one home on a trial basis and my mom, as usual, was standing far away from the pups. Tanish, my brother, was interested in getting home the black pup from the litter. At that moment, I felt a pup pawing at me and when I started to walk away from him, he tugged at my skirt. I sat down to play with him and he was very naughty and energetic. Kids who were taking care of these pups told us that no one wanted the energetic pup as he seemed a handful.

I told my brother “the pup you like is sleeping, while look at this one! He even has a heart-shaped pattern on his head.” That is how Zeus came home 🙂 He was to be in our room the first night and he cried the whole night because he was separated from his litter. My brother and I took turns to comfort him and to make him feel at home.

My mom had a hide and seek relation with Zeus for the first few days. If Zeus was in the hall, she would hide in the room and only come out when he was confined to our room. It took her a few days to even start touching him and 6 more months for her to become comfortable around him. But you wouldn’t believe that if you saw her with Zeus now. You’ll find her playing tug of war with him and even singing him lullabies! Post his walk, his feet are washed and my mom dries his feet, and that is when he starts the game of tug of war. He knows how to exactly get food from my mother – he just goes and places his head in her lap and gives her puppy eyes. He doesn’t even need to ask her anymore. Mom runs after Zeus to feed him and if for some reason, he is refusing to eat, she lures him by making noises as if the morsel is extremely yummy!

She sings in some of the singing clubs as a hobby and she practices all her songs in front of Zeus. If he walks away during the practice session, my mom changes her song selection. Also, he is the first to hear about the reactions her singing got her on stage.

My dad travels a lot because his job requires him to. And unless we ask, he usually doesn’t bother buying anything for us as the trips are usually very hectic for him. A while ago, dad had gone for one of his trips and we asked him to get us strawberries. He somehow even made time to find and buy a super soak towel for Zeus. That, in itself, was a big deal.

Zeus is a tiny dog and resembles a Pomeranian. So, if he has to intimidate dogs that are bigger than him in size, his signature move is to stand on his hind legs to appear taller, and let out a weird bark!

Zeus has a relationship with everyone in his life. Right from the watchmen of our building, to the kids who come and play with him at the window when they come back from school. He has the most loving bond with our cook and house help. He will wait for them to come home, play with them, and even join them for lunch. And, they absolutely have to say bye to him when leaving. Else he barks his head off until they come back and say their goodbyes properly!

From being a family that had almost zero chances of getting a dog, we now can’t remember life before Zeus. Our family WhatsApp group is also called Zeus and Fam-Jam and the display picture is this fool’s face. When we buy samosas, we buy one extra because Zeus likes to eat the skin of one whole samosa!

He is such an adventurous, happy-go-lucky, and carefree soul. Every time I travel, he is the one I miss the most! #AdoptDontShop.



  1. Aslesha Atray : April 28, 2020 at 10:39 am

    Congratulations Zeus!
    He is so adorable…

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