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Our Furry Tale

Furry Tales is not just a venture – it is a dream, a calling; the inspiration for which took wings when Mau, Founder Pradeepa Rao’s first baby kitten clung to her bosom and looked up at her with all the world’s love and trust in his eyes. He believed she would take care of him, as every pet believes his or her pet parent will. The path had chosen Pradeepa. And along came the rest of the feline members of the family, Neo, May, Ginger, Tuxedo and the canine members…



These are the stories of people who saw a furry, fell in love and got them home and of those who had the heart to see beyond the dirt, terror, pain, sadness and defeat, and extended a helping hand.



We don't wish it was easier or better, we don't wish for fewer problems or challenges. After all, nothing worth having comes easy. What we wish for, is more wisdom to help our furry members lead a better life.



It's important to realise that we adopt not because we are the rescuers. We adopt because we will be rescued with unmatched love and devotion. Find out how you can answer a furry prayer.


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Know of a furry kid that is looking to get adopted or needs foster care? We’ll feature them in our Adopt/Foster section on the site.

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